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Am I a Good Samaritan?

In the past two weeks, I have helped out in two rather dramatic events.  One, a domestic violence issue where an aggressive man was abusing a woman who had a baby and a perhaps 3-year-old little girl, and the other when a utility rolled over in front of me on the Bruce Highway.
Domestic ViolenceI was on my way to catch a train to the city - an hour's journey at best.  I heard voices - one person on the walkway and a man in the car park - yelling at one another.  I took no notice and had no awareness that there was abuse in the conversation.  
There is an elevator up to a walkway, which takes one across the railway tracks and two other elevators, to the tracks.  As I exited the first one, I saw the young lady with the pram, baby and small child.  Again I heard her yell to the man below but didn't take any notice.  I walked along to the next elevator to go down to my platform, and the woman with her littlies followed me in.  
Then I heard the yelling - coming closer.  Then this tal…

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