Thursday, May 26

Fly or Drive - Why I Choose to Drive.

I am still considering the journey from Brisbane to Melbourne, then across to Devonport by boat and a few days drive around the island of Tasmania, then from Melbourne to Adelaide and then back to Brisbane.  Probably around 5000 kms, and I plan to go on my own.

Because I wish to attend an event in Launceston, Tasmania, on August 7th, I have to go at that time - when it is bitterly cold.  My friends all want to warn me about the cold, but despite the fact that I suffer from Raynaud's Disease, I am keen to go there, by myself, and during winter.

Why not fly?  Wouldn't public transport be better?  Yes and No.  I don't mind driving on my own, so I am not worried by such a long drive, and as I write for Weekend Notes  I will be able to do some research possible articles on my way.  I choose to drive only 300 - 400 kms per day, so that I can stop frequently  and take notes and photos for articles.

If I went by public transport it means flying to Melbourne, or Hobart or Launceston, and not being able to visit all the towns along the way, and it means I will have little control over my travels, but worst of all, I will need two suitcases for my winter clothes, computer, cameras etc.   Also, I suspect I will have to stand around waiting for taxis, buses etc, and more likely to feel the cold of Tasmania, Melbourne and Adelaide.

If I drive I will not have restrictions on my luggage, and I can turn the heater up in my car and keep warmer.  I will also be able to put my fold up ebike in the car too!!

When I explain all this, my friends agree, but most don't think they would set out on such an adventure.  

I was in China in December and February - and the temperature there was below zero on a couple of occasions, and I managed.  My wonderful coat, made in China especially for me, is rather large. It would take up most of my suitcase, and I know it keeps me warm.

It will go in the car and will be easily accessible to me as I travel.  Easy as!!!

Cost???  Well, it will be around $4000 - but I will be able to earn some dollars as I write my way around.  Not enough to recoup my costs, but I am still keen to do it.

However, still in the planning stage.  

Anyone interested in writing for Weekend Notes?  Leave a message in the comments section.  Writers from all around the world are welcome.  Let me know.......

Wednesday, May 25

Where is my Kindle?

Where is my Kindle? I hate it when I set out to "downsize" and in the mess of what results I lose something.

Today I went to download an ebook from and I could not find the Kindle.  I still have not found it.  It can't be far away, but just can't set me eyes on it.

However, I was able to download the book - to my Samsung
Tablet.  I have the Kindle App on it - so I can use that!!  So glad.  Will still look for the Kindle though. 

I so like being able to read books on the Kindle - though I still love "real books".

Better go and read the new book........

I have completed my 20 articles for Weekend Notes this month, and will start on next month's list.  I will set out to write 30 articles in July.  A big ask, but doable.

I am interested in working with writers who would be interested in writing stories for Weekend Notes.  Leave a comment if you are interested.  

Monday, May 23

The Golden Rule

Do you remember "The Golden Rule"?

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?"

In Matthew 7:12 Jesus says, “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.” Thus, the Golden Rule has always been a basic part of the Bible's message.

I do not recall where I first heard this.  Perhaps it was at Sunday School way back in the 1950's, or maybe in Religious Education classes around that time.  

While I declare that I am no longer religious as I explained in this post - however, I do believe that there are some good advice from the Bible.  

What would our world be like if we all upheld the Golden Rule?  Would we have all the violence?  What difference would it make?

Would a man or woman be unfaithful to their spouse if they abided by the Golden Rule?

Would people commit crimes if they understood and followed the Golden Rule?

Would there be violence against others if we all stood by the Golden Rule?

I often wonder if our young people have any comprehension of the laws of our country?  Do they learn the rules at school?  I don't think so.  How do our lawmakers ensure that our people know the rules?  And yet people are punished if they don't abide by the rules they don't often know.

Still, if we all knew, understood and followed the "Golden Rule" we would have a happier safer world.

Dawn over Moreton Island

Friday, May 20

How Many Books is Too Many?

How many Books is Too Many?  I wonder.  I recall a cousin telling me that she had more than 10,000 books in her library - and we worked out if she read 2 per week it would take almost 100 years to read them all - and she was more likely to buy new books along the way.  Mmmm.

Just recently a local community group, of which I am a member held a Book Sale to raise funds as we had little or no funds in the bank.  It was necessary to pay for Public Liability Insurance and other items.

I weaned out a number of books that I no longer wanted and donated them.  My daughter also gave me a box of books as a donation too, but I found a couple of MY books there, one of which was very special to me.  How glad am I that I was able to go through the box first!

Counting mine has never been anything I wanted to do - but I do know that I have too many, so this week I set out to reduce the number and prepare a box of books for the next Book Sale.

Going through the books, one by one, has been interesting.  I found one book that I knew I had, but had forgotten where I had put it - it was at the back of the bookshelf, and I happily grabbed it.  It was a book written by a lady, who self published.  It's quite a long story, but the brief story is this.  The first print run was discarded as there were errors in it - and she was promoting the second run.  When I found it full of errors I contacted her assuming that I had somehow been given a book from the first print run.  She quite rudely assured me that I had the latest copy - which she had spent over $1000 to have an qualified editor edit the work.  I was unimpressed!!!

As it turns out, I often used it in workshops I ran about the importance of getting one's work PROPERLY  edited and proof read!!  I haven't needed it recently, but glad I have it.

I will continue with my cleaning out of my things - and hopefully really reduce the number of books I will keep.  

I've got a lot of paperwork to destroy too!  My house is not looking clean and tidy at the moment.  The work goes on.

Thursday, May 19

Garlic and What I Learned in China

I love garlic and use it frequently in my cooking.  I have attempted to grow it, but have not been very successful at it. In the past I managed it in a garden, but my "in pot" garden is not always as good as I would like.  

When I was in China in December, I saw some strange things on a window sill.  Garlic growing in glass jars.

When I returned to Australia I eventually got around to trying it myself.  In three glass jars I put some cotton wool - and sat some garlic bulbs on the cotton wool, watered them and kept watching and waiting.

After a few weeks inside the house, I put them outside, and watered as often as I remembered, but nothing happened.

Then I brought one of the jars inside, and perhaps it is because it enjoyed the music, or the conditions were better, but they started to sprout.

I still have two jars outside on the veranda and I note one is sprouting now, but the one I brought indoors has much more growth in it.  In fact, there are about six bulbs sprouting.

I will watch and see how it all develops.  My Chinese friend says they sometimes use the green leaves too in cooking, and not the bulb.  

I am going to experiment with shallots too - as this should work also, especially as often we use the green leaves.

So, another glass jar and more cotton wool, and some "old" shallots (I use the ones on the left) and will see how it works.  I get annoyed that when I buy a bunch of shallots I don't use them all at once and some go to waste.  The shallot photos were not taken by me, but on a Coles image site.  I hope they don't mind.

One of the challenges of living on one's own is that often we have to buy product, which would last a family a day or two, but for just one, there is often a lot of waste.  I am a happy Coles Supermarket customer, but take care when purchasing that I reduce my waste.

Tuesday, May 17

Weekend Notes

I write for Weekend Notes - mainly in Brisbane, so when I am out and about, I talk to business owners and take photos, and then conjure up a story.

My latest stories have been about Sutton's Beach at Redcliffe, the Old Church Gallery at Moore, and a tiny little Museum at Blackbutt, as well as a Lavender Farm up near Kingaroy.

You can read all of my articles by going here. 

Weekend Notes operates in many cities around the world, so if you are planning to travel, it might be worth a look to see what is available at your destination.

Lavender growing near Kingaroy.

I find I am always looking around for new story ideas too - and travelling to see what else I can find.

If any writer is interested in writing for Weekend Notes, leave a message for me and I can help you get into the system.

Monday, May 16

Chinese Navy

I didn't mean to post this - but hit the Publish button and not the Save button.  Was going to write something, after hearing on ABC Radio about a group of Chinese ladies dancing at Wellington Point Queensland.   

Google hasn't been helpful in identifying "Navy Dancing" but it came up with this on YouTube.  I do have to laugh at it though.

The Chinese do a lot of dancing in public - I have seen them in parks, in Nanjing Walking Street (Mall) and under bridges in China.  It is something I would love to see here in Australia, but...