How We Live.

House sitting comes with challenges.  Let me explain that I am not criticising here.  I am just stating that every home is different.  As a house sitter one often lives in a place that would not be your own ideal place to live.


It might be the animals - one house sit I had, came with a large number of animals including a rabbit (no, it wasn't in Queensland where they are banned), chickens, dogs and cats and a lizard.  Another I had 12 pigeons to care for - quite spoiled birds too! One had a dog which was a delight, but take it for a walk and watch out - it was crazy on its daily walk.

Some houses are clean when I move in and some I have been lucky enough to have a housekeeper and gardener.  In some, I have had to make some changes in the way I live.  An example of this is one house that a couple resides, never use a toaster.  I am not a toast every morning person but do like occasionally to have a slice of toast and marmalade.

I am good at gardening and often do extra work weeding, trimming dead flowers or branches and so forth.  Every house sit is different.

No, not at a house sit.  But lovely water lily.

Occasionally I wish I could change things. For example, I get annoyed about keys.  Why don't people have one key that opens the front door instead of having to use two?  Why don't people do regular maintenance?  Some of the issues are builder issues too.  Something that "is" and no one has thought about changing things.  Like steps.  I've written about some issues with house plans before.

But as someone who has no home of my own, I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to live rent-free and look after a house while the owners travel.