Taoist Temple at Deagon

I wonder if many folk in Brisbane remember the Taoist Temple at the northern Brisbane suburb of Deagon?  The complex opened in 1988, and on the property was a wonderful temple, gardens and aged home units.

There were two restaurants on the site - a two storied building a short distance from the temple which proved to be a very popular Chinese restaurant and functio centre, and, within the temple building, a vegetarian restaurant.  I frequented the latter often - not that I was a vegetrian but I loved the food that was there - it was somewhat of a discovery fo vegetarian food for me.

Many years have passed since my last visit there.  In part because I no longer lived on the north side of Brisbane, and it was not longer a "local" venue.

These days I often pass on the motorway, which is adjacent to the temple and the other buildings, and often promise myself that I will go back there one day soon.  This week the opportunity came to me and I drove in.  

In some ways it was sad.  The huge restaurant is no longer there - the building looks a bit worse for wear, and is not being used.  I walked through the garden and temple, which is still very grand, but perhaps needs a little money spent on it to get it up to scratch.
The vegetarian restaurant has closed, and the area is used for storage.

I found the office and chatted with one of the staff/volunteers, initially to get permission o take some photos.  Granted.  I walked around the buildings again, avoiding the sacred places where one is not permitted to take photos.

I explored the gardens too - again, needing a little work, but generally rather attractive.  

I don't know what the future is for the building - I get the feeling that there is some alternate plan for the place, which is a shame.

I am so glad I went - but there is a little sadness for me as it is not the same as it was before.  I also wondered what part the Taoist Temple played in my love of things Chinese.