Wednesday, February 13

Ruins around Western Australia

I have a fascination for ruins - throughout Australia, and in particular in South Australia and Western Australia there are hundreds of ruins of small houses or buildings, long since deserted, and either in total disrepair or falling into disrepair.  I do like to take photos of them, and have quite a collection now of these buildings.

Often the building is reduced to a pile of bricks sitting forlornly in a paddock.

These are some of the photos I have taken since Perth - between Perth and Geraldton.

Old Anglican Church near Greenough

(The shed for the lawn mower - can you see it? At Walkaway, WA)


Two old birds on the wing. said...

Fabulous pictures, clear and show the local scenery. You must be having a great trip. Lana.

Di Hill said...

I am having a wonderful time.