Goodbye Southport Tomorrow

Well, it is nearly the end of my house sitting at Southport, Queensland.  I return to Brisbane tomorrow and continue the preparations for the drive to Alice Springs and Uluru.

Some of my plans are up in the air but am still happy with the way things are going.  There is just a little complication in that I am involved in a TV program to be aired on SBS in a couple of weeks. I am a bit freaked out by it all - but so far proceeding.  All a bit exciting and fearful!!!

I am not a great fan of SBS - in part because for the past 4 years I wasn't able to access the channel, however, I have been able to catch up with some interesting programs on line.  The program is called Insight and they do some very interesting programs.  Today I watched a program called Critical Care, about doctors and nurses who suffer stress on the job.

I was a registered nurse, in the days when there was less violence in our society, and though I had some very stressful episodes, I didn't quite have the challenges of those interviewed on this program.

However, I have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - over a number of things in my life.  One, in particular, stands out.  A doctor tried to commit suicide on Christmas Eve.  It was a particularly horrific event, and I seldom get through Christmas without thinking back to those days.  On the SBS program, there was mention of debriefing - and the friendship with other staff members after a "bad day".  Sadly I was on night duty when the event above occurred and there was no debriefing.  I do feel scarred by it.

Am hoping I won't be scarred by being on television.
 The program is about housing for senior solo women.  Should be interesting.

Tomorrow it will be goodbye to Southport - and much more prep for the journey to Alice Springs.


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