Living in the Van

After five weeks house sitting in Clayfield, I moved into the van. It is essential I learn to live in it - though it would be good to do some small trips in it.  That won't happen - though I will go to Beachmere before I set off for Alice Springs.

It's been cold.  Very cold, but I have managed.  In part because I have spent time IN my daughter's house.  The grandchildren were on holidays and other grandparents were there too.

Each night when I departed the house - I filled a hot water bottle with hot water.  Some nights I heated the water on my stove, but it was easier to do it IN the house.

Eventually, the new curtains were completed.  I have not taken a photo of them yet, but am so pleased with them. They certainly work to block out the light and the cold. Privacy is good too.

I took the grandchildren to a cafe at Manly, on the William Gunn Jetty for lunch one day.
Tide Cafe and Wine Bar on William Gunn Jetty, Manly

Boats at Manly Harbour

The Manly Harbour

My son has gone to Finland so I am house sitting for him in his unit at Southport.  It's still cold.  And frustratingly the television does not work.  Luckily I have a small one in my van, so I will go and collect it tomorrow.

Today I was busy - went to a podiatrist to check on my feet, after going to Paradise Point.  I have a few ideas of keeping me busy over the next couple of weeks, though I hope the weather warms up a bit.