Busy - House Sitting and Travelling.

It really has been a busy time.  I thought staying at Southport on the Gold Coast would mean more time to write and do things.  But it has not worked out quite like that.

Fun at the Spit

A Whale 

The Gold Coast High Rise Budilings

I have had to make a few trips to Brisbane for a few things, I've been to Murwillumbah, and I have spent two days in Brisbane at the WordPress WordCamp.  There's been so much to learn about WordPress - and I am quietly confident that I am headed in the right direction with it all.

At Murwillumbah I was pleased to visit the Tweed Regional Gallery - where I took photos of the surrounding hills, and of course Margaret Olley's Gallery.

There is just over one week before I head back up to Brisbane to prepare for the trip to Alice Springs.  It's approaching faster than I thought it would.  And I still have a lot of preparations to do.

Staying at Southport has given me the opportunity to see around a bit more.  I've never stayed more than 2 days in this tourist spot.  I am not a great fan of the place despite there being many beautiful places.  I can't cope with the high traffic, the noise, etc.  So still for me, it is a visit only place.

Tomorrow is my birthday.  Maybe I will get a few phone calls (but my phone doesn't work here - maybe they will catch me as I drive to Brisbane), and I will not see my family.  Most unlikely.  One is working in Brisbane and the other is in Finland.

Party? Gifts?  Cards? Friends and family?  Nope.  

I am shouting myself a birthday gift, about which I am quite excited.  I am going on a Whale Watching tour from the Gold Coast.  

We will see what tomorrow brings.