A Week to Go at Southport

I've been house sitting at Southport on the Gold Coast.  Have I mentioned before that I am not a fan of the Gold Coast?  It is a beautiful place no doubt and a great place for tourists, or a visit, but I don't want to live here. 

The traffic is crazy.  And so are other things.  I don't like the apartment  - it is rather cold, and not easy to see the sun or sky from the apartment.  I've had a few challenges whilst here too.

Next week when my travelling son returns, I will go back to Brisbane.  I then have one week before I set off on my adventures in the Van.  Murtle the Turtle.

I have a meeting to attend on August 8th, and if all organised I will head off towards Dalby that afternoon, in an effort to get to Mt Isa by the 15th of August.  I am just hoping that Murtle and I are up to it!!

I have a busy weekend - with grandchildren and sport.  So, have a lot to do now to prepare for the journey.  Watch this space.

Writing?  Mmm.  I have not done as much as I had planned.  A couple of days to catch up though.

Will you "follow" me on my journey to Alice Springs and Uluru?