I Don't Like Noisy City Life

Here I am living just 7kms from the city of Brisbane – wishing I could be living in the country again.  I have lived in cities (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane), but they get busier and noisier every year and I long for the tranquility of the country.  Give me the Outback any day.

My New Friend Lulu

It won’t be long before I set off on my trek to the Red Centre, but meantime here I am.  House sitting does mean that I don’t have to stay here for long.  Clayfield is a bit of a contrast really.  It is very built up – but there are many trees and so many birds.  Different birds to those that inhabited the park at the back of my place at Beachmere.  Two giant crows are regulars at the back door to try and steal Lulu’s food.  Mostly she eats it first.  There are a couple of peewee’s that also visit hoping the crows have left something for them.  Usually not.   The parrots are around – one of the trees out the front has been in flower so they have had many busy meetings/meals there.  The high palms also attract another bird. 

There are different bird sounds in the trees too.  I know not what they are.

During the day, it is quiet – but often I hear the dickheads with powerful noisy cars/motorbikes letting off steam.  Even in quiet Miles Street a motorbike ridden by an idiot took off about 90 kms an hour, roaring, speeding along its length. 

I know blokes like loud noises.  It seems to give them power in some way.  They don’t have the brains to realise that travelling at high speeds in cities or even on the open road is likely to be a killer.  Almost every day there are stories of blokes who have hit a tree/come off their bikes.  It’s crazy that they keep doing it.

At night, even as I lay in my bed I hear the cars roaring along Sandgate Road, and I am some distance from this key roadway.  Then I hear the sirens.  Almost every night.  Being not far from Brisbane Airport there are also planes coming and going and frequently, helicopters can be heard.

One of the things that irks me is the continual building of high-rise apartment blocks near the city.  Everyone whinges about the traffic congestion and yet the governments (state and local) encourage new buildings.  It only adds to the congestion on the streets and compounds the parking problem.  There are some apartments being built that do not have car parking provided.  They are assuming that since it is close to public transport and other major places that there will not be a need for people to have cars.

In the Garden

Surely, if one drives around they’ll see that many homes/units have two or more cars.  Mum, Dad, and the children have cars.  Here in Miles Street there are some 40 or 50 cars parked in the street.  I find it annoying as it makes it difficult when one is backing out of the property, oncoming traffic is difficult to see.  Makes me mad.

Still, I love much of the housing around these parts.  Typical Queenslanders for the most part – timber and brick homes of the 1920’s to 50’s – lots of timber, verandas, gardens and more.  Sadly so many boring looking high rises are being built in the area.  I would not like to live next door to a high rise building.  You’d seldom meeting your neighbours, or get to know them. 

Actually, friendly neighbours are rare in cities, I think these days.  I watch some English programs with little village, with friendly communities.  Oh, don’t watch Father Brown or some of the other police shows – love them but they do seem to have too many murders in the villages!