Walking Through a Changed City

I remember visiting the city years ago - not long after we arrived in Queensland.  Brisbane was a little behind the times in the 1970's in many ways - and over the years since has become a modern busy city - though a little smaller than our southern major cities of Melbourne and Sydney.

A visit to the city is often in my calendar, but usually to meet someone, attend a meeting or a function.  House sitting not far from the city at the moment enables me to visit more often - just to explore.  And that is what I did yesterday (May 21st.)

After watching one of my favourite TV programs (Landline on the ABC), I donned comfy shoes, grabbed the camera and set off.  I drove to Wooloowin Station - not far, but an uphill walk if I don't have the car, on the home stretch.

I could have driven into the city - car parking is inexpensive on the weekend ($5), but it is even cheaper by train.  I think it was $1.49 each way!

Being a Sunday afternoon there was not the frenzy of activity that the city experiences between Monday and Friday of a working week.  Less cars, less people.  Quieter.

Close to the Central train station is an old church, St Andrews Uniting Church.  It was built in 1905 -it's on the corner of Creek Street and Ann St.  It is Heritage Listed and you can read more about it here.

I recall when I first joined the Society of Women Writers Queensland, that they met in the church hall.  I do remember a funny incident when a man dressed in women's clothing came along to the meeting.  I am not sure that he/she got the welcome expected.  I think most of us gawped, while trying to stay polite.  He/she asked to go to the toilet and was pointed in the direction of all toilets.  He/she walked a little unsteady in the right direction - and was never seen again.  

When it was built the church would have been one of the taller buildings of the city - but now is surrounded by much taller blocks.

I wandered around the city taking photos - exploring slowly.  As it turns out I had a painful leg, which limited my activity.  One place I did visit was the General MacArthur Museum.  I had been there on more than one occasion but not for quite a few years and they have updated their exhibits quite a bit.

One of the latest additions is a map showing the various places in the South Pacific and Asia where there was military action.  I had not realised that Broome and Wyndham in Western Australia had been bombed during World War II.  More information here and here.

General MacArthur's office is as it was during the war.  Brisbane was very central to the Allies during the war - and there is a great deal of information there.  

There are several portraits of General MacArthur painted by Sir William Dargie - a famous painter of that period.  There are two of his portraits of the General on display. 

I didn't spend as much time in the city as I had planned as my painful foot/leg begged me to stop.  However, I will probably do a few more such visits now that I am living not far away in Clayfield.


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