House Sitting Again

It came out of the blue.  I was packing up and moving out of my unit at Beachmere, expecting to live on the streets in my campervan.  Then an unexpected phone call from a friend, whose home and cat I have cared for several times in the past, and an offer to look after her house and cat again.

Now I am living in the house in Clayfield - and Lulu the cat loves me being here.  I get a massage from her every night, when I let her inside the house.  She's 17 years of age - with failing eyesight and hearing, but with a good appetite!!

(I am familiar with the suburb of Clayfield as my daughter went to Clayfield College which is very near where I am living now.)

She spends most of the day sleeping within metres of the back door.  
I have been here for less than a week - and am somewhat settled.  I know the house well - so not a lot of learning to do.  I am so familiar that I don't need to learn to do anything.

But I have some challenges.  Most of my belongings are in a storage facility near Caboolture, about 45 kms from here.  I have some issues with it - as the guys didn't pack it well.  Such that I have difficulties accessing some of my belongings and some of my boxes have already broken.

There are also items in my campervan at my daughter's place, and I have things packed in the boot of my car. I've not had the time to sort them out.  

I don't have some of my cables - and some other items that I will need over the next few weeks.  Also, some files are "buried" in the storage.

Photo by Andrew Possingham, South Australia via

The photo is not of Lulu - will try and arrange that later.

It may be that I will do some more house sitting - this is my second stint this year - and I have another one in July.  


Care Guide said…
Great and insightful article as always! Housesitting can sometimes bring up challenges but I really admire how much perseverance you have during this process!

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Di Hill said…
Yes, there are websites with info for people seeking house sitters connecting them to people who do house sitting. I have used such sites before, but these days it is people who contact me direct. Di

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