Getting Rid of Years of "Valuables"

Well, they are valuable to me.  I wonder if my family will be interested in my school end of year books?  I'm not mentioned in any of them - they are just part of my past but after some 50 years I am ready to send them to the bin.

My mother gave me a cook book on April 1st, 1966, to recognise that I had passed mu nursing exams.  It was a wonderful book but I no longer use it and it does look like it is 60 years old with yellowing brittle pages and recipes in old measuring system.  

Some books I cannot part with, but I have taken one pile to the local op shop.  They were great books but I (a) don't have room for them and (b) unlikely to read them again.  In fact I have saved quite a few that I want to read again, or can't recall ever reading.

I won't say it is easy.  It isn't but I don't want my family to have to chuck them out at some time in the future.

Moving into the van has also created some challenges for me.  I didn't know that I had to lie down and crawl a little way under the van to reach the emptying pipe for the toilet.  It is not going to happen.  I have been to Roller's favourite shop BCF, and checked out other options. I am meeting with a guy who will help me make a decision and/or hopefully do the necessary work.

I still have to buy another Roller Sticker and flag.  And practice more in the van.  You can read more here