Driving Long Distance Again

I still like to drive long distances.  I drove up to Rockhampton a few days ago from my home just north of Brisbane.  I was on a mission to see something and time was an issue.  I drove up there on Wednesday March 1st and came back on the 3rd.  Around 600 kms each way.

I did stop in at Maryborough on the way up, to do some research about the Mary Poppins Festival which will be held from June 23rd to July 2nd, 2017.  

P.L. Travers, or to use her real name, Helen Lyndon Goff, was born in Maryborough, and later went to live at Ipswich and later in Allora near Toowoomba.  You can read her story here.

I went to the Visitor Information Centre at Tiaro and Maryborough, and arrived at Gracemere around 4.30 pm to spend a couple of nights with my friends.

Yeppoon Beachfront

The following day I went to Yeppoon - to do some research on a pop-up home project, had lunch at the Keppel Bay Yacht Club, and went to the Visitor Information Centre at Yeppoon.  So much to see and do and I had little time.  

I returned to Beachmere the following day, doing some research at a few spots along the way.  It is hot and humid outside the car, so I enjoying being comfy in the car.  I did consider stopping perhaps at Gympie on the way home, especially if I got tired, but I didn't so kept on until I arrived at home.

It will take me a few days to get over it all though.  Am tired now.

I like driving, but finding it a bit more tiring as I get older, so will in future spend less time driving and more time resting.  Now, am waiting to get my campervan so that will make a difference.