Downsizing - Getting Rid of the Surplus

With plans to move into my new abode, the Toyota Coaster - Murtle the Purple Turtle, I have to "downsize."  It is something that has been on my agenda for a while, but now it is essential I do it.

I don't call myself a hoarder, but others might.  I do have too much stuff.  Someone who does as much as I do, who has a range of artistic activities (art, jewellery making, sewing, paper making, gardening, fishing, writing).  I have a large library.  I have collections of Chinese china, and other items.  (Who has an ancient calligraphy set from China?)

I have a month to downsize.  To leave this three bedroom unit and move into the Coaster.  I will have things in storage.

 In the Coaster.  Putting my own stamp on it. Still a work in progress.
Some things I am finding easy to get rid of.  I mean, who needs 4 rulers?  OK, they were given to me.  Promotional things. But most will go. I will keep one.  Maybe.

The cosmetics in the bathroom - will keep most, but so much has been given to me and I don't use them like others do.  I just put them in the draw and as one tube/bottle empties I get another one.  Still, I get more given to me - at a rate faster than I use it.

The linen cupboard has almost been emptied.  I am putting all my spare "linen" - sheets, pillow cases, towels etc in big bags.  They will go into storage.  I have put aside some for the Coaster, but only need a couple.  I have a good supply of pillow cases and some will be used for clothing storage in the Coaster.

How long will I live in the Coaster?  6 months that's for sure.  12 months?  Maybe.  2 years?  Who knows.

So for the next month, I will prepare Murtle, and get ready to move out of the unit.  I will hopefully sell a few things.  There are two markets before I have to depart.  A lot of work to do.

In any case, I see the downsizing as positive - for when I return I expect to live in a place slightly bigger than the Coaster.  So far, I have no idea about that.