A New Adventure Beckons

In recent times I have been deep in tough about my next "move".  Not that I want to move from the township of Beachmere, but I was "drowning" under the high cost of renting.  My three bedroom unit was getting too big for me.  It wasn't that I couldn't manage physically - it was more mentally and financially.  I longed to spend more time writing, but along with my domestic duties I had become heavily involved with some local organisations.  I had ato learn to say "No" more often.

Then I thought I could move into a "tiny house" and spend more time working.  I spent months exploring my options and in the end decided that I would have to buy a "mobile home" and eventually took possession of a Toyota Coaster.

At the moment it is sitting out the front of my unit, as I prepare it for its next adventure.  I had not driven a manual vehicle for a while, but it came easily for me, and I have been taking short trips around the neighbourhood.  Nothing big yet.

I have so much to learn about the management of the vehicle. Meanwhile, I have cleaned out some of the previous owner's things - piles of old maps have been discarded, I've cleaned the plates, etc, and I have tried to work out where I will store all my material

It's a diesel engine - something I am not familiar with.  I have to learn how to manage the water (in, out), the gas, and much more.  

I have several weeks before I must depart this house - so am slowly packing up and working out what I have to discard (op shops), sell, pack, etc. A lot to do.

It is overwhelming at times.  I will do it.   Read more here.