Happy New Year

A whole week has gone since the New Year started.  I had a huge "To Do List" that I had hoped to complete the week between Christmas and New Year, but I didn't manage it.  Maybe in the next couple of days I can do so.

Not that I have been idle.  Just had a HUGE list of things to finish.  

I've not had a great social life - I wasn't awake to see the New Year in.  I was in bed by about 10.30 pm.  There's not a lot of excitement when one is on one's own.

I have started the Ultimate Blog Challenge - and am almost up to date.  There's another challenge too, but I have not started.  Something I may get to complete over this weekend.

Sundays are to be "rest days".  Mmmmm.  Not likely.  However, my plan for tomorrow is to go up into the hills beyond Caboolture and do some research for some articles for Weekend Notes.  Might also have a companion tomorrow.

It has been wet here.  Hot and humid too.  I have had an occasional companion - a lovely butcher bird.  These black and white birds are a delight.  Especially "their singing."

This fellow took refuge from the rain in my back porch and sang for me.  It was a delight.  (The photo is a bit grainy as I had to take it through the screen door - otherwise it would not have stayed there for the photo!)

I have managed to keep up to some degree for the UBC - with posts on another site.  Click here. 

I will try and see if I can kick a few things off my "To Do List" today and then have a relaxing day tomorrow.  Oh, and I will take my camera.


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