At the Movies - Red Dog True Blue

I am staying at my daughter's home in Brisbane.  Her husband and children are in Rockhampton with his parents - and after collecting her at Brisbane Airport on Tuesday night I have stayed.  She is working - yesterday working at home, and today she is in the office.

Last night we went to the movies.  We set off to Bulimba to see Red Dog:True Blue.  I had read a review on the movie - I can't recall where, but I felt a little disappointed and not as enthusiastic as I should have been.  

Oxford St Bulimba was busy, but we found a park and after a short walk to the theatre, armed with drinks and popcorn we ventured into Theatre 3.  Cineplex. 

We both loved the movie.  It was a great movie.  I know it was a "sequel" though it really showed the story of Red Dog from his discovery as a pup after a cyclone in the north of WA.  The scenery was amazing.   

The storyline was excellent too.  Though it left me with some unanswered questions. 

It is a movie for all the family!  Everyone would enjoy it.  The Bullen family were involved in the training of the dog/s, and the horse I think too - they are incredible!

Another great movie.  Thank you, Screen Australia and everyone involved in the production of the movie.