Sausage Dogs and Me

My first dog was a bitzer - a bit of this and a bit of that.  My husband bought her for me soon after we were married.  I was no well and was lonely and miserable.  Lena was a lot of fun, and she had seven puppies soon after our daughter was born.  It was a crazy time.  A baby and eight dogs to care for.  

The puppies were cute as babies, but as they grew they looked like goats!  It was hilarious.  We found homes for all of them.

We lived in Warrnambool, Victoria at the time, and when our daughter was about 15 months old, my husband was promoted and we moved to Melbourne.  Lena of course came with us.  I can remember the day we drove to Melbourne.  Our daughter was sick in the car, and coping with the crazy dog and a sick baby while I was about 7 months pregnant - well, it was a terrible day.  However, we managed it.  Somehow.

Not long after our son was born, Lena presented us with a problem. She became rather nasty to me.  I suspect she was jealous and would be aggressive to me when I went to hang washing on the line.  Sadly we had to find another home for her.

Several years later we bought our first dachshund. Koko was a lovely dog and we had him for many years until he died.  Some time after, our son wanted a dog, so we bought Milo - a miniature short haired dachshund, and then we bought him a wife - a black and tan.

We went on to breed them - so had many adventures.  I did have a video of one of the dogs and a pizza box, and thought it was on Youtube, but I cannot find it.

However, I have found some funny videos with dachshunds.

I wish I had one now, but my life is too complex now.