Still Trying to Catch Up

After returning home from my trip, I was exhausted and my foot was swollen making walking challenging, so I tried to rest up - elevate it.  But nothing seemed to work.

Then I was off to a hockey tournament with my daughter (whose two daughters were involved in the Carnival.)  It was messy for the first two days as it rained a lot, but it got better, though rained the last day.

The younger granddaughter was a player in the tournament.  She's the one with the red skirt - closest to the camera.  The other was an umpire.

My daughter and I spent three nights at a B & B - about 45 minutes from the Hockey venue - the motels were all booked out!  It was Cudgerie Homestead, near Cooroy.  Lovely place.  Beautiful gardens, great host, lovely house, good breakfasts!

I didn't have internet access (except on my phone), and anyway didn't have time or space to use my computer.  We did however get out to dinner on two nights.  One was to Serge's at Pomona - a lovely Italian restaurant that creates awesome pizza's.  I suggested that we only needed a small one, but hungry daughter insisted we needed a large one!  Result?  We took more than half of the large one home - and had it for dinner the following night.  

On the third night we went to the RSL Club at Cooroy.  Great place.  

One day I must spend more time in the area in daylight.

After the hockey tournament was over - they had an awards ceremony.  Granddaughter No 1 received certificates and awards for her Umpiring, and subsequently granddaughter No 2, was selected in the state squad!

I returned home - just for one night - and then went off to Brisbane to be the adult at home with the two girls as her parents went away for a couple of nights.

I am back home - with massive tasks to complete - with so much writing and other tasks to complete - neglected by my absences.

Luckily my orchids will flower for the next few weeks.  I am so lucky to have them.  Read my Orchid Story here.


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