Severe Weather

It is certainly not beautiful weather here at the moment.  Brisbane, Queensland and surrounding areas are experiencing a "Severe Weather Event".  (Below is a snip of a bit of the weather radar from BOM)

We have had a lot of rain - perhaps around 2 inches at my place - and a good time to stay at home.
Luckily I have plenty to do at home today, and don't need to leave home.

We are warned "If it is Flooded, Forget It" - and I don't normally drive through floods.  However today I did.  I will be communicating with the council about the blockage in my road.  When there is such heavy rain the drain blocks up - and I'd guess that there is a not that they can do about it.  A few hours later it will have drained away, but it creates an issue when it blocks and the road is flooded.

I am familiar with the flooding at this street, and I cautiously drive through it - but I know it against the "If it is Flooded, Forget it" rule.  Mmm.  Are we trapped in our street for hours?  Is it likely that there is a huge hole below that will swallow up my car?

My experience is that it is just the short-term blockage of the drain. Today I came to it - and slowly drove through it.  Luckily I made it through safely.  To me it is like a big puddle - though I know there perhaps is a risk that there might be something lurking below the water - like a hole.  

I will communicate with my local council on this.

I saw a whole group of boys perhaps in their early teens, in their undies or swimmers (how can I tell?) who went into the water to slide and run in it.  Silly I think.  How do they know that there is not a piece of glass in it?  Or something dangerous.  I wonder why the adults/parents were not stopping them.

Boys will be boys??