Something older folk have 'in spades' is memories.  We can look back over a long period of time and recall events, places, people and more.  Often I will write something about my past - happily.

In the last few days I had to write an article for WeekendNotes about Scottish dancing events - in fact for the article referred to as ceilidhs.  It was not a word that I recall being associated with the dancing I did a loooong time ago.

I remember doing a couple of Scottish dances - as part of my "ballet" classes.  We did classical ballet, tap dancing and some Scottish dancing.  I was never going to be a dancer - not in any way.  Too tall for a start, but I was reasonably co-ordinated.  But it was not for me long term.

I have always loved it though. I found this video on YouTube, and oddly it was from South Australia - my home state.  A Highland Fling - as I remember too.  Brought back memories.  I watched it through and remember now the steps though this old body won't do what I would want it to do now!