Costume Day

Today is Heritage Day at the Caboolture Historical Village.   On this day I will be working in the old Hospital - a former Caboolture Hospital Building.  Today I will wear my Matron's outfit for the first time.  I have been volunteering there for over 3 years, and usually wear a convict outfit.

I have a "nurse" with me today.  I was asked to consider what we could do to entertain the visitors.  My mind ran amok!!!  Enemas?

(Strangely, another volunteer asked me what an enema was!!)  No, I am not allowed to offer free enemas.  Injections?  No.  Blood Pressure?  No - apart from the fact that my "sphygmo" will be quite out of place as it is a modern one.  It is hard to find the word "sphygmomanometer" these days!!

I also have a penis measuring device - and I will take a photocopy of this - I can choose who I will "share" it with.  (I was a sales representative/nurse advisor for a company that marketed a range of items including condoms for men with bladder leaking problems.)

Visiting the company website I learn that the product has been updated and looks very little like the ones that I was familiar with about 30 plus years ago.

In the end, I chose a safe, rather fun activity.  Making cotton wool balls.  These days we can buy already made cotton wool balls, but way back in 1963 we had to make our own.  While working in CSS (Central Sterile Supply) we would sit for hours pulling cotton wool from a huge roll, quickly rolling a ball into the palm of our hand, and throwing it into a huge stainless steel drum.  We would then sterilise them.  We also sharpened the needles for syringes as well as washed the syringes.  They were all then sterilised.

So today I will be making cotton balls in the old hospital.

Maybe a photo of me as Matron will appear in tomorrow's post.

In the old Hospital