A Wonderful Morning

"Oh, what a wonderful morning...."

We Aussies do live in a "lucky" country.  We Australians love travelling.  The country I have visited most in my life is China. After working there in 2008 and 2010, I have been back three times.  I love it, but when I return to Australia, I feel much more relaxed.  Living in a communist country certainly has its challenges, and I learned much about communism and yesterday I listened to a Richard Fidler episode where Cie Cie Nguyen spoke of her escape from war-torn Saigon.

To be honest, when I was in China, I was not concerned or particularly aware of the restrictions of communism, but I had been told about it.  But listening to Cie Cie's interview, I understood more of how life was for folk living under the regime in Vietnam at the time.

(I listen to many of Richard Fidler and Margaret Throsby's interviews on radio - they are downloaded onto a USB stick, which I listen to in my car.)

Sorry, I waffled a bit.  I was trying to explain how we Australians love our country and how we have the freedom to enjoy it.  Where I live it is more country than city - and we do sense the joy of this - being able to watch the sea and river life, and at night being able to more clearly see the stars in the night sky.

In the mornings, I enjoy watching the sun come up over Moreton Bay, and the sunset, not so easy to see from my home, paints beautiful pictures in the sky too.

I'd love to live right on the waterfront, and then I would not have to do what I did on that occasion.   When I peered out of the window as I rose from my bed I saw the sky had a reddish glow, so I quickly dressed, grabbed my camera and went to the waterfront.  

So much to enjoy.