Where is my Kindle?

Where is my Kindle? I hate it when I set out to "downsize" and in the mess of what results I lose something.

Today I went to download an ebook from Amazon.com.au and I could not find the Kindle.  I still have not found it.  It can't be far away, but just can't set me eyes on it.

However, I was able to download the book - to my Samsung
Tablet.  I have the Kindle App on it - so I can use that!!  So glad.  Will still look for the Kindle though. 

I so like being able to read books on the Kindle - though I still love "real books".

Better go and read the new book........

I have completed my 20 articles for Weekend Notes this month, and will start on next month's list.  I will set out to write 30 articles in July.  A big ask, but doable.

I am interested in working with writers who would be interested in writing stories for Weekend Notes.  Leave a comment if you are interested.