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I started writing for Weekend Notes many months ago, and gradually I am learning to make the most of this amazing website that is international and gives writers in many places around the world an opportunity to write about places to visit and things to do.

Apart from learning about the country I live in, I can learn about other places, though I do focus on places I am likely to travel to - and at the moment it is other places in Australia.

The Peanut Silos at Kingaroy

Recently, I went on a drive north to Kingaroy, and along the way I stopped at Kilcoy, Moore, and Nanango and all along the way I stopped to take photos and find stories of some of the interesting spots to go. 

Historic Hotel near the Peanut Silos
Oh, there were so many.  Kingaroy is known as the Peanut Capital of Australia with a very interesting history on the growing of peanuts.  They also grow Navy Beans there - we know them mainly as "baked beans".

I like visiting historical places, so Ringsfield House at Nanango
was one place I called into. 

I know I like to travel overseas, but I love driving around my own country as there is so much to see.  You have to stop occasionally.

Years ago, when I travelled around Australia, I came across a number of women who were travelling with their partner, who explained that their menfolk didn't like to stop very much.  They liked to get to their destination quickly and the fewer stops the better.  Women I think are more adventurous.

I so love driving on my own, and stopping when and where I want. This I love.  Now, I do think that sometimes I would enjoy company, but I have learned that my travelling companions don't like stopping as much as I do.  They get bored with it, but I take my camera and take photos.  

Years ago I stayed at Taabinga Homestead and I was happy to visit again.  It hasn't changed (for years and years I am sure.)

So if you visit Weekend Notes you might find interesting information of your local area, and if you are a writer and would like to write for Weekend Notes, leave a comment and I will send you information on how to write for WN.