Tattoos and Metal

I have to laugh a little as I have a tattoo.  Not a real one, but one that I had expected would have disappeared without trace, within 48 hours of it being applied at the Urban Music Festival.

It is the U of the Urban event, and despite attempts to delete it, it remains, though getting fainter each day.

I have been the butt of a few jokes over it.   I do think it is amusing and I am glad that it will be soon gone.

I am not a fan of tattoos or metal rings in weird parts of the body.  I respect that many folk love it and I have seen some "masterpieces" or fantastic pieces of art on bodies.  I see a place for them, but I do almost puke when I see some.  

In the supermarket recently, I came face to face with another shopper - a guy , perhaps in his 40's who was covered with tatts.  His face was covered in what looked like a feather image over both sides of his face.  Weird.  And some metal rings around the place.

I wonder if he is employed, or if so what he must do.  I don't see that he would get "normal" employment. 

One of the things I have noticed is that so many young people spend a lot of money on tatts and metal bits and pieces all around their bodies.  I wonder if they will ever get employment.   To me it appears that many people on the very low income scale seem to find the funds to do this sort of thing.  They look like they are down to their last few dollars, but have had the funds to spend on the tatts, and they generally smoke, and I'd almost bet that they also indulge in drugs.

I wonder what their chances of improving their chances for employment, or a better life would be if they didn't smoke cigarette, didn't do drugs and didn't bother getting strange tattoos on their bodies.  

Once upon a time, I thought that only men in the navy or armed forces would get tattoos, and generally, they were on their body or arms.  Another group of men were those in prison, as they managed to get or make the tools to create ink tattoos on their body and they were generally not artistic, but rather nasty looking pieces.

One of the biggest growing business areas these days is the removal of tattoos.  I'm not surprised.