Stupid, Stupid.

It seems to be happening all around the place these days.  Homes and businesses are being robbed on a regular basis.  No one seems to be safe these days.  Every day the media is full of stories of the latest break-ins, the latest assaults and murders.  It is a rather scary world we live in these days, even at a local level.

Even in our little backwater the robbers are active.  Which is why EVERYONE should take care to lock their homes, and windows if they have no security screens.  I am lucky as I have good security, but I know it is only a deterrent, and if someone really wants to get into my place they only have to break a window.  Not so easy when I am home, perhaps, but if I am out, I am more vulnerable.  Luckily I have good neighbours who keep an eye out for me and my house.

One has to take care, where ever you are.

Yesterday I was at the supermarket in Caboolture, and on leaving the store I went to the escalator to go down to the car park.  A man and a lady (as it turns out not known to each other ushered me onto the escalator as I had a trolley,  and followed me down.

Around halfway down, the man said  something like "I'm pissed off. I bought a five-litre cask of wine, and I left it outside the toilet door when I went to pee. When I came back it was gone."

The girl didn't say much.  I think it was just "Really?"

Then as we reached the bottom of the escalator the man went in one direction, saying "I think I know who did it.  I'll get the bastard".

The girl and I exchanged glances and both burst out laughing. What idiot could think that leaving a cask of wine in a corridor would think it would be there when he returned a few minutes later??

It does show that one has to take responsibility for all their belongings.  The idea that a cask of wine might be ignored by someone walking by is a bit crazy.  I mean, it doesn't make sense.

I am aware of a number of local residents who do not bother to lock their doors, and strangely I have heard both of them almost boasting about it!  Others could have heard.  Yes, I am aware that both women have noisy dogs, and I know that it is a deterrent, but it still leaves the dogs and the house vulnerable.

Thieves are often opportunists.  Looking to see when someone leaves a door open, a window, keys in the car and so forth.  It is a sad reality that everyone has to take such care.

So many folk go to the trouble and expense of security cameras these days.  I've thought about it, but unlikely to get them.  Luckily I feel rather comfortable with the security doors and windows, and I do take care to lock my doors all the time.  As a solo woman, I am aware that I am more vulnerable.

Please be safe.