Smoking Kills

Despite all the warnings of the dangers of smoking, people still do. I know I was a smoker once upon a time, and luckily was able to give it up easily in the end.  I didn't have a troubling addiction to it.

I am so surprised to see young people taking it up.  It is not like the "old days" when every movie star smoked through the movies.  In those days, it was "cool" to smoke, as there was not the evidence of the significant health risks smoking can cause.

These days we see or hear of so many people succumbing to the dreadful cancer disease.  Not always, but so often linked to smoking.

I am so pleased that none of my family smokes.  In fact, I don't have friends that smoke either.  The only people I know who now still smoke are some volunteers I work with.  I do think the people who can least afford to smoke, those on low incomes or unemployed, or unemployable are the ones that keep up the smoking habits.  

The cost of cigarettes is so high, that I wonder what people are prepared to go without, so that they can afford their ciggies!

This is from the Quit Smoking Victoria website.  

"For instance, if you smoke a pack of cigarettes for an average of $18 a day, you're spending more than $6500 a year. Once you think about all the things you can do with the money you'll save when you stop smoking, you may find the extra incentive you need to give up smoking for good."

The price of cigarettes is escalating again too. 

Scary to think one burns up this amount of funds.