I have been asked to post an article about an event happening this week on Weekend Notes.  I was given the flyer - and I now see that it has n phone number.Grrr.

Signs - oh, I could go on and on about them. Small business owners and community organisations, who clearly don't have the benefit of "expert advice" create signs that are useless.

Magnetic Signs on Cars - so many folk have gone to the expense of getting magnetic signs for their cars, but too many put too much information on them.  Unless you are sitting beside a car at traffic lights  or in a car park it is often impossible to read the "important message" that the owner wishes you to gain.  Often too small or too much information.  

Recently the local community held a fund raiser, and as part of the group I asked the key person about "corflute" signs.  Corflute is the white plastic board used to put signs on the side of the road e.g. political signs, short-term signs about an event.

I was told it was organised.  Can you imagine my disappointment when I saw it?  It had on the corflute the flyer that had been distributed in the community - but certainly NOT legible by drivers passing by.  There was no place to stop and read it unless you got out of your car in the car park and walked to the side of the road.

 A good roadside sign is something that is put on the side of the road to attract passing traffic, with brief information.  

Don't bother with too much information and too small print for passing traffic.  Don't waste your time.

I remember the acronym KISS = Keep it Simple Stupid/Sunshine

Sometimes less is MORE.  

The flyer that irritated me this morning is well done, it has the title of the event, the address, date and time, but no phone number.  I need more information, but I doubt I will find the lady who runs the business without going there.  (Luckily I have an appointment in that street later today).

So, if you are planning to do some signs for your business or event, have a look at some good ones.  Watch the cars passing by and see what information stands out on the magnetic signs.  

If you are creating a flyer - delete excess words, and make sure you have contact details, event details in brief, date and time, address, and even website/Facebook if you have one.

Rant over.