Here's the Rawleigh's Man

Today at the markets at Bribie Island I saw something that brought back many memories for me. 

The history of the Rawleigh Company which started in the US is very interesting, and you can read it here.  A factory was opened in Melbourne, Victoria in 1928, and the products were distributed.  It was the early door-to-door salesmen, and I remember it well.

In the 1950's our Rawleigh's man was a regular in our house - the guy, whose name was Brian I think, was a golfer, and sold Rawleighs as his only income.  I know my mother bought antiseptic ointment, but I don't recall what else.  I can remember he would come into the kitchen and open his big rectangular bag and show us the latest products.  I think my mother bought every time he called.

In World War II the service men and women who went overseas carried the antiseptic ointment in case they were injured - cuts, and abrasions they could treat themselves.

I did know that the company was still operating, but was surprised to see it at the markets.  People are still making money with the products direct selling.