Fly or Drive - Why I Choose to Drive.

I am still considering the journey from Brisbane to Melbourne, then across to Devonport by boat and a few days drive around the island of Tasmania, then from Melbourne to Adelaide and then back to Brisbane.  Probably around 5000 kms, and I plan to go on my own.

Because I wish to attend an event in Launceston, Tasmania, on August 7th, I have to go at that time - when it is bitterly cold.  My friends all want to warn me about the cold, but despite the fact that I suffer from Raynaud's Disease, I am keen to go there, by myself, and during winter.

Why not fly?  Wouldn't public transport be better?  Yes and No.  I don't mind driving on my own, so I am not worried by such a long drive, and as I write for Weekend Notes  I will be able to do some research possible articles on my way.  I choose to drive only 300 - 400 kms per day, so that I can stop frequently  and take notes and photos for articles.

If I went by public transport it means flying to Melbourne, or Hobart or Launceston, and not being able to visit all the towns along the way, and it means I will have little control over my travels, but worst of all, I will need two suitcases for my winter clothes, computer, cameras etc.   Also, I suspect I will have to stand around waiting for taxis, buses etc, and more likely to feel the cold of Tasmania, Melbourne and Adelaide.

If I drive I will not have restrictions on my luggage, and I can turn the heater up in my car and keep warmer.  I will also be able to put my fold up ebike in the car too!!

When I explain all this, my friends agree, but most don't think they would set out on such an adventure.  

I was in China in December and February - and the temperature there was below zero on a couple of occasions, and I managed.  My wonderful coat, made in China especially for me, is rather large. It would take up most of my suitcase, and I know it keeps me warm.

It will go in the car and will be easily accessible to me as I travel.  Easy as!!!

Cost???  Well, it will be around $4000 - but I will be able to earn some dollars as I write my way around.  Not enough to recoup my costs, but I am still keen to do it.

However, still in the planning stage.  

Anyone interested in writing for Weekend Notes?  Leave a message in the comments section.  Writers from all around the world are welcome.  Let me know.......


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