To Kingaroy

A few weeks ago, I made a decision to drive to Kingaroy (175 kms) from where I live at Beachmere, to write stories for along the way.  I planned to stay overnight and then return home via Gympie.  I was a bit too ambitious as I found that when I arrived at Kingaroy, after a drive that took 8 hours, because of all the stops and interviews I did along the way, I would have to spend a few hours in Kingaroy anyway, so planned to do the Gympie trip another time.

I did leave home just after 8 am, travelling along the D'Aguilar Highway to Kingaroy.  There are many places to stop and visit along the way.  I didn't manage all I wanted.  There were just too many!!  

One stop was Kilcoy - where I visited the Art Gallery, a Winery, and Yowie Park.

I woke this morning to a huge fog in Kingaroy, so I went out to take a few photos early, and eventually set off around 9 am.  So many wonderful places for tourists and even then I had a list of more to go to.

Kingaroy is famous for peanuts.  There is a huge peanut silo overlooking the town, and a couple of peanut vans around - and plenty of peanut products.

But there's more to Kingaroy than peanuts.  There are about three wineries around town.  (I only managed one!)  There's a very interesting Museum, Art Gallery, historic homes and so on.    I'd like to have had the time to visit more, but that's all I could do. 

I stayed in the Burke and Wills Motel in Kingaroy. Burke and Wills didn't travel via Kingaroy though, which I find amusing.  As the sun set over the town, there was a lovely sunset, and the image does not do justice to it.

The following morning there was a thick fog over the town.

It is the end of the peanut season, and many fields are scattered with plants pulled up.  (Peanuts grow underground).  Many fields have been ploughed ready for new planting.

Kingaroy has a number of peanut silos - one huge one overlooking the town.

Peanut Silos at Kingaroy.