Should we Microchip Everyone?

Day after day there are reports of missing people - often young girls who get themselves into some sort of trouble and leave home.  Often they are found murdered, or raped.  Often it is the beginning of a terrible journey for the family and the survivors, and it need not happen.

We micro-chip or dogs so that they can easily be found, so why not microchip humans?  Well, I guess I am supposing it is proven safe to do it to humans, as the chip would have to last a long time - more than 8 times longer than a dog's life.

But it makes sense to me.  

In the last few days, a baby was taken by a stranger from the mother who had it in a stroller.  Hours later the baby's body was found, and investigations continue to determine what happened.  But what if the baby had a micro-chip?  They surely would have found the child earlier, and perhaps might have saved its life.

Adults in their very senior years often wander off - especially after they have had some health issue (e.g. dementia). Sometimes the person or their body is never found.  What if they had had a microchip?  Wouldn't it be easier?

I can hear those concerned about privacy getting upset with me already.  But it would make life easier for so many folkand it might just reduce crime as there may be a way of tracking the movements of people at a crime scene.

I do think that one day it will come to be - for there are so many benefits.  It could make our lives much safer, and reduce the enormous cost of search parties looking for folk.

Perhaps the technology is not quite there yet, but I wonder if it would help find the pilot of the helicopter that went down in north Queensland in the last week?

Just thinking out loud.................