Revisiting the Past

I set out to a friends place to help her set up her blog.  She lived a few streets away from where we  used to live way back in the early 1970's, so as I set up the GPS, I decided to go via our old house.

As it turned out, I had to travel via places that I frequently drove through years ago, and it was quite amazing to see all the houses that are in an area that I recall as being all acreage lots, farms etc.  Now it is suburban!  Houses, shops, schools, industrial areas.  It is a strange sensation in a way, as my brain had some memories of the roads I traversed, but it had all changed.  

Reaching the suburb that we had lived in, and that I would not have visited since the 1980's, I was amazed at the changes.  Our regular shopping centre was completely transformed - a roundabout, gardens, etc.

Then I followed the road that once I was a regular on, to our house.

It was the first house we lived in, in Queensland, after we arrived around 1971.  We rented there, and it looks like it is still a rental property.  It was a weird feeling to see it.

I went on to see my friend, who lived in a retirement village which was build on an old quarry - which was a working quarry back in the '70's.   In one part of the quarry is now a lake - which apparently harbours a nasty creature.  When the mother ducks take their babies out for their first swim it comes up and eats them.

It certainly looked very peaceful when I was there.

After I had finished there I drove back the same route, but this time stopped to take a photo of the city of Brisbane, from a high point on one of the main roads, but I had to point the camera so that I did not get the house roof in the image.

I then went on to the Redcliffe Peninsula as I had some banking to do, and then I visited the Redcliffe Fire Station Art Gallery precinct.  It was closed, but I took photos for an article I wrote in Weekend Notes.

I also wrote another article about Monster Trucks.  Not my thing, but worth a few lines.