Playing with My Fish Eye Lens.

Recently I saw a little pack of lenses to use with one's mobile phone on a website and as it was less than $A10 (which included postage) I bought a set.  A tiny box arrived with some rather limited instructions, and I set off to explore the possibilities.  I am not sure I'd bother buying a fish eye lense for my Olympus, but it is not out of the question.  

The lenses fit onto a mobile phone, with a little clip, and it is quite easy to use, though I don't get the full image.  The sides are cut off.  I have worked out that the lense needs to be further from the phone than the current clip allows, so I have rigged up a pretty strange system using Blu-tac, which I can  fit onto the clip and take the lens back from the phone just a little.
The photo on the right is one of the early ones I took, at the Caboolture Historical Village.

Last week I was in Bribie Island, Queensland, and took a few more. Clearly they were without my new Blu-tack invention.

On Bribie Island

Another on Bribie - with the sun peeping in

On the Caboolture River 

Bendy Palm Trees near the River

I am still trying to "perfect" the use of the fish eye lens, but happy I bought them.