Photo Editing

As my readers know, I love taking photos.  My business card says "camera addict" as I don't like to call myself a "photographer".  I have to main cameras, a Canon and an Olympus, the latter I carry with me on my travels as it is more light-weight and easy to fit into my small bag.

I use Picasa too - though now that is Google Photos.  However, lately I have used Picmonkey, as I like to do the collages with that site.  There are so many options with th e Collages - I've done a few here, and it is very easy to do, though I have not mastered all the tools as yet.

It is an easy site to use, and it is FREE too.  So, I'd recommend it especially for those who write articles for the Internet or Blog, as you can make so much of your photos.

These photos I took this morning - the Gerberas were given to me by a friend yesterday, and the orchids are some that have been growing in my garden, and I now have them in the house.

See what you can do with Picmonkey.....


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