Nude Photos

Now, if you have come to this blog because you expect/hope that there are nude photos here, you may leave now.  There are none.  

My father, who died in 2011 at nearly 92 years of age (2 days short of his birthday) used to shake his said, and say things like "It's a strange world", or "I don't understand the world I live in."

Often we would agree with him.  

For those of us who were born in the 1940's and 50's we have experienced so many changes.  In Australia, we were somewhat British with many of the rather tough rules on etiquette, manners, behaviour etc.  We referred to adults as Mr, Mrs, Sir.  We would never address an adult without using such a "title".  Aunts and Uncles were called "Aunty ......" or "Uncle ....." I don't know whether it was this that mostly ingrained us with a respect for senior members of our community.

Good men would open doors for women, (including the car door), and would show more respect for women in other ways.  Of course, there were those that defied the "rules of the day" but by and large,  it was a much happier and respectful community, than it is in 2016!!  Not perfect, but better than now, I feel.

The obnoxious and violent behaviour by mostly men is just too much.  In Australia, the number of men who abuse, assault, or kill the women and children in their lives is just horrific.  Worse is the way the media keep on and on about it.  It is "in your face" every day and I suspect that some not terribly clever men, have an urge to copy this behaviour.

Nude photos.  OMG.  To me, it just beggars belief that anyone would want to share a nude photo of themselves.  OK, I can accept that a couple in a special moment could do it, but wouldn't you make sure that the photo/s were not able to be "shared". 

When I read about the blokes that take photos of their "private parts" and share with others I shake my head.  The politician who took a photo of his penis dangling in a glass of wine, made me feel sick, especially since I knew him and found it hard to comprehend that sort of behaviour by him.

Today's news reports detail a story about girls at a private school whose nude photos were shared!  They were 14 years of age!!!  What were they thinking?  

It is so easy to take photos these days - it is certainly easier to take a photo with a mobile phone, than posing with your Canon!!

The behaviour of some parents is unbelievable.  Click here to see what a father did!

How times have changed.  

Now, where is my camera???