Electric Cords and Cables

I do love "wireless" and wish more equipment that is used in the home (or office) is wireless.  I wrote recently about irons, and the fact that there is an element of wireless.  The iron itself is wireless, and sits on a "base" to heat.

I have had a wireless printer for some time.  I use a Brother laser printer for most of my work, and get my toners from Hot Toner, which arrive quickly after one orders.  The last time I bought a toner was 2 years ago, so I will be interested to see how long this order lasts.  (I get 2 at a time!)

The Brother is quite a few years old, and yes, it has cables.  One connects the computer to the printer, and the other cable is the power one.  

I don't do much colour printing, as I get all my photographs printed at Officeworks or Harvey Norman.  The Epson printer is "wireless" but I have not managed to get it to do so.  I gave up a long time ago.  I've always attached the two cables.  However, a couple of weeks ago I got a bit annoyed about the issue, and played with the printer until it worked.  Yay.

I am often challenged with either technical stuff, or "men" stuff. Having to put things together is always a challenge for me.  As I am on my own, I have to deal with it.

Luckily both my printers are working well, so is my camera, so all is well.