A Writing I Will Go

I have been writing for Weekend Notes for some time, but really only "dabbled" for a while, but now have committed myself to around 20 articles a month.  There really is so much to write about - it is often "under my nose" but I don't always see it.

Driving my car, my Mitsubishi Lancer, is one of my great loves.  I did drive around Australia, rocking up some 35,000 kms, and I am keen to do part of that journey again, but meanwhile I do shorter trips.

Where ever I go, I keep my eyes and ears open for ideas.  Recently I went with a group from the Caboolture Historical Village to another pioneer village near Toowoomba, and was very frustrated that I could not take any photos.  The windows were hard to see through due to our advertising over all the bus.  However, I have noted the places that one day I will return to, so that I can include them in my writings.

It does keep me busy.

Next week I am driving to Kingaroy, some 160 kms from where I live.

There are many places to visit along the way, which I have listed.  I will be staying overnight in Kingaroy, a town which is "famous" for peanuts.    I have a huge list of places to visit, and on the way back, I want to head further north first, to go to a Red Claw Crayfish farm.

Weekend Notes operates internationally, so if any writer wishes to contact me and ask about it - I am happy to respond to any questions, but if you want to contact me please do so via Comments.  (I don't like SPAM so don't bother to do that. It will be deleted)

This is an article about an event with the Melbourne Cup winning jockey, the first woman ever to win, Michelle Payne.  She's very quickly written a book and will be talking about it at Brisbane Town Hall. 

I am also attending a WordPress Word Camp next month - details are here. 

If you are a writer and keen to write articles for Weekend Notes, which is international, feel free to click on this link.   To make it work for you, you need to post around 10 articles a month, and having a good camera and taking plenty of quality photos is most helpful.

Good luck.

One of my articles.