Marching and Radetsky

I am not having a good day today. Well, it hasn't been all that bad, but I did feel better when I watched the video below.  I love marching - love watching it and love the music, and shhh if you don't tell anyone I will admit that I put military music on high and march back and forth along my long passageway.  Good exercise?

I love the high stepping marching.  How hard is it to do for any length of time.  I guess I am not fit enough!!

Why not good?  I set off this morning early to "assist" for half an our at the local JP service (Justice of the Peace )- where these qualified people volunteer to witness documents at the local shopping centre. 

I was neat and clean and ready to go on to my shopping expedition when I spilled my coffee down my front.  So back home to change. 

Then off to the shops, and in Target I set about finding some clothes.  I have promised myself some new clothes for winter.  It must be coming soon.  Easter is in a few weeks and our weather usually changes almost overnight.  I know we are theoretically in autumn, but with temperatures around the 38 degree mark, you'd hardly know it.

I put three items in the trolley and then set out to buy a coffee making machine.   When I got to the department with all the kitchen machinery, I was a bit overwhelmed.  But there was a guy, filling shelves and I asked him a question about the coffee making machines.  Turns out that he was the manager for the day, and as he was from another story I suspect that he was keeping out of all the action.  He was very helpful.  I lied and said I was a secret shopper to a girl who was nearby, and meeting her was a blessing as she was doing a promotion for the coffee machine company and offered my some guidance and free coffee.  How good is that?  Not only one to drink, but two packets of "pods" to take home!!

Then the manager helped me with the "gorilla"  - you have to make them laugh sometimes, as they often look very serious.  He had a sense of humour and we had a laugh.  Luckily he knew I was joking, and found the George Foreman Grill.  

I was on a roll - and headed for the checkout only to discover that despite my great shopping for the day, when I was hoping to gain great points with my loyalty card, I can't find it.  All those points lost????  I hope not.  I spent a fortune.  Phone them the girl said, but I have to wait until 8 am on Monday to do that.

So, I am back at home.  I couldn't get the coffee machine to work, but I am after, 2 hours, siping on the brew that came out of the Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine I bought.  Apparently it is a De Longhi Gusto - whatever..... as long as it works. 

I enjoyed watching the video which I shared above. And maybe I will eventually get used to quality coffee.