Lantern Festival at Yuyao

I had not been to Yuyao previously, but was taken there in February 2016, by my friends who wanted to attend the Yuyao Lantern Festival.  And so it was, that one night we set off from Cixi to attend.  It was very crowded - getting a park was a challenge, but eventually we parked on a garden.  Then we set off to walk.

I only had my mobile phone with me - as I had not taken my Olympus camera.  The "lanterns" were not what I had expected.  However, it was a great collection of "lanterns" - at night a very colourful display.

There were several areas of these colourful displays, but it was so crowded, that our stay was very short, before we headed back to Cixi.

(I recall visiting a Lantern Festival in Shaoxing in 2008, which was in some ways similar to this one.  However, I do recall that around 9 pm hundreds of people set off their own paper lanterns, with small candles inside to help them rise high into the sky.  I asked my friends about this practice, and was told that it proved a fire risk - something that we had thought about way back in 2008 - and they don't do it any more.)