From Little Things Big Things Grow

I guess sometimes I can be called a "cranky old person".  I confess I can get angry at some things - that seem to be minor issues with others.

I believe that children need to learn the "rules" of living, as they apply to them.  That doesn't sound right.  Let me explain.

I am one that does not like to break any rules.  I am one that also believes that if children are allowed to "break laws" when they are young and get no "consequences" from their actions, they tend to believe that it is ok to break any laws.  So, if it is a law that everyone wears helmets when riding a bicycle, and that their parents do not insist they wear a helmet when riding, they think the laws are rubbish.  If no police/government officer stops and explains the law, or even punishes them in some way, and they get away with their bad behaviour, I think these people are likely to be future law breakers of more serious laws.  They tend to feel confident that they will not be punished.

I know there is any issue with enough law enforcers - and being enough to at least chastise those who break the law.  I remember being on the Gold Coast last year when young people were ignoring the RED (Do NOT WALK) lights at a pedestrian crossing and walked right across, in front of up to 7 police officers who were chatting to each other.  Mmm.

Around here, Beachmere, children and adults are often seen riding without helmets.  And no one seems to bother.  Parents clearly are not enforcing the safely rule with their children!

There are notices on trains that passengers are not allowed to put their feet on seats.  I travelled on a train earlier this week and was surprised how many young people ignore the law.  It was also a quiet train, and a woman boarded the train with two children.  The woman was an angry piece of work and shouted abuse at her children.  The younger one certainly was causing some problems for her.  But the abuse she shouted in the "Quiet Carriage" was astounding.  How could a mother use that foul language to a small child!!!

I don't know what future these two children have with such a grub as a mother, who clearly had no concern about the other passengers, and kept shouting at the child.  

Makes me shudder.