Death and Dying

Oh, what a difficult topic to discuss!!

Actually, I don't have an issue with discussing it - though attempts to speak with family members has not always been easy.  My parents were not keen to talk about it - though they did make appropriate (for the most part) arrangements for their demise.  They certainly were not happy talking with me about it.

I was a nurse, so have faced death on more than one occasion, and luckily have not had to face the death of a spouse or child.  People do think I am weird when I saw that I am comfortable being at the death of someone.  In fact, I have always regarded it as an honour, I suspect similar to being at a birth.  One is the beginning of a life and the other is at the end.

I have made plans for my own demise, but speaking with my family members is not met with much "enthusiasm" for discussion, but I soldier on.

There are always challenges, though.  I do find it difficult sometimes to write to someone when a death has occurred, and I was pleased to find this post on Hub Pages.  Click here.

It is an excellent article and I am sure I will be referring to it from time to time.

I do go to "Death Cafe" events - and do like the idea of writing obituaries too.


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