Too Much Violence!!

I am literally crying.  Tears flow wildly from my eyes after learning that someone has stabbed and killed a two-month-old baby.  I don't wish to say any more about the details that I have heard on the television news in the last few minutes, but I am appalled and very upset.  I am sure I know none of the people involved, which is a blessing in a way for me, but I am appalled at the horrible violence that is being perpetrated around Australia right now.  

As if we don't have enough challenges with natural disasters - but since the beginning of the year, which we all hoped would be a "good" year, there have been constant stories in the press of avoidable deaths due to violence - an 18 year old youth killed by one punch in Brisbane, two children and a father killed in what appears to be a murder-suicide in Port Lincoln, and now someone taking a knife to two women, known to the perpetrator, and a baby.  A baby who should have its whole life ahead of it, but sadly so brutally taken from it in a horrific event of violence.
I am saddened, somewhat scared and so concerned that this is all happening.
Of course we are surrounded by violence - the newspapers and television and radio news reports daily brutality not only in Australia, but all around the world.  The needless deaths regularly feature in our media, and somehow educated men and women seem powerless to do anything to make positive changes.
Is it getting worse?  It feels like it is - and it makes me so sad and concerned, I feel helpless and desperate.
Surely, someone, somehow can encourage people to be less violent?  No one gains anything with this horrible behaviour.

It's time to stop it!!


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