The Wedding Photographer?

Many folk know that I love taking photos.  I don't call myself a photographer really - just a "camera addict" which is written on my business card.

I do mainly landscapes - and sell some of my photos locally - local tourist spots etc, but if asked to "be the photographer" at events, I'd rather run a mile.

Some readers will know that last December (2015) I went to China for the wedding of a former student of Yuexiu University where I taught in 2008 and 2010. Amazing event - and as it happened, around 9 photographers.  Very impressive. Of course I took my new Olympus camera, and have some great photos.  For me, just memory joggers.  Why would someone with 9 professional photographers be interested in my photos?  None of them are extra ordinary.

In two weeks time I head to China again.  For another wedding.  The first wedding was amazing, well planned and a huge celebration over four days.  With only a few weeks to go, the planning is still underway with for the next one, and clearly will not be the same.  I have been able to find out little information about the details of the wedding from the bride - my only contact.

This morning I woke to see a message on WeChat from the bride.  Will I be the wedding photographer?  What?  Me?  I have not yet replied, but will do so shortly.  Of course I will have my camera, and of course I would love to take photos!  BUT!  I will not be the photographer.  OMG!!!
What a responsibility!

Also I am not taking my computer, though that should not be a major factor, but to have to download with someone else's computer and in Chinese, I do have concerns.

However, just as it is an honour to be invited to a wedding in China, it is an honour to be asked to be the photographer!

Postscript.  Communication with the bride reveals that I am not the only photographer.  She has quite a few, but just wanted me to take some photos.  Phew.  Happy to do so.


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