Seabin Post

I had read about the Seabin some short time ago, and I sent the information to my local councillor.  As my readers will know I live by the sea, and in this region there are many marina's, and as I reported in my last post, much beach litter.

I read about the Seabin, and the crowdfunding efforts, but did not realise how successful they would be.  I hope I had some part in it - for I did put it on Facebook, and in other ways tell people.

I have been a Volunteer for Clean Up Australia Day for quite a few years - not consistently, as I am often not in the country, but it is a project that I always like to support.

It is very frustrating that each year we collect so much rubbish, and that it does seem to diminish.  Here is one brilliant idea created by two great Aussies and their Crowd Funding seems to be working for them too.  

Visit the Seabin Project website and see what they are doing. Promote the Seabin Project to your local council or those responsible for the care of Marina's in your area.