Cixi - Here I Come!!

The next two weeks will fly by faster than I want!  However, I am excited about visiting Cixi, in China, where I think the wedding of my former student and now friend will be held.  I am guessing that the city was named after the Dowager Empress Cixi.  (I am waiting to hear details of the wedding ceremony!)

First of all, I will be in Shaoxing - where I taught way back in 2008, and 2010.  It is Spring Festival, so life is going to be somewhat challenging.  One of my friends contacted me yesterday - concerned about the traffic. I assumed that he was worried about Australian traffic!!  Silly me!  Because of the snow and heavy traffic between Shaoxing and Shanghai, he was concerned about getting to the airport to fly to Australia!

I have not heard from him today - can only hope that he made it as the roads were closed and the railway was also shut down.

After Shaoxing, it is off to Cixi - not far away.

From Wikipedia

"Cixi City is located on the south of the economic circle of Yangtze River Delta, which is the most promising area for future development. Being the anchor of the Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo Economic Golden Triangle, Cixi is 60 km (37 mi) from Ningbo in the east, 148 km (92 mi) from Shanghai in the north and 138 km (86 mi) from Hangzhou in the west. Cixi has a subtropical monsoon climate, with an average annual temperature of 16℃. With the emphasis on the city’s infrastructure, Cixi has an effective public transportation system that provides convenience."

There is of course a lot written about Empress Dowager Cixi - including the book referred to in the Video.  The author Jung Chang (who also wrote the famous book "Wild Swans" ) tells of her book.

Below is another Video (with English captions) that features an event with Cixi.  I love the costumes.  Extra ordinary!

There are many books written about the Empress, and here is a listing on Amazon.


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