Beach Litter

I wanted a walk on the beach today - and set off just on 2 pm to  go to one of the most northerly beaches, not far from here.  I have walked on that beach before, but had not gone as far as I intended today.  

The Weather Bureau had forecast rain today, with heavy rain this afternoon, so I watched the sky at times, but no rain came.  The beach is a beach that is on the southern end of Pumicestone Passage, and adjacent to Moreton Bay - a haven for boaties and fisherfolk.  Along the foreshore are some very nice houses - luxury houses I would suggest, and most are almost hidden from the beach by trees.  The sand is white in some places and dark grey/black from minerals in the sand, and the sands are dotted with beautiful mangrove trees.

It is a beach that gets few human visitors - it is too shallow to swim, but folk take their dogs or horses out for a walk on the beach and a swim for the horses.  The photo above shows the riders without saddle and no shoes, so I would suggest the horses will get a swim in the water - it is hot and muggy with a storm approaching.

On March 6th I will be taking part in the Clean Up Australia program - where folk all around the country spend a couple of hours picking up rubbish along streets, creeks, rivers, beaches etc, and I am hoping to have a team to work the beach where I walked today.  

I was checking to see if the area warranted our work - and I was quite shocked at the large array of rubbish, from bottles, a pillow, heaps of plastic, old beat bags, and enough stuff to fill quite a few of the iconic yellow rubbish bags.  I shall be trying to get a team to work on this beach, and the local area as it is clearly in need.  Much of the rubbish would have come from boats out in the bay.  Disgusting.

I do get so angry at the folk that just throw out their rubbish.  Yesterday my 10 year old grand daughter collected a bag of rubbish from a narrow walkway near where I live.  There's no need for it.  Our world is already so polluted!!