Writing for Weekend Notes

One of the things I am doing in 2016 is writing MORE for Weekend Notes.  I am lucky because I like visiting new places, love taking photos and writing about the places I visit.

An added bonus is that I have to get out and visit places - and often I get to visit places I have never been to, or as yesterday, revisit places that I remember from years ago.

Back in the early 1980's we lived at Bald Hills, on the far northern border of the city of Brisbane. Not far from Bald Hills, via the next suburb of Bracken Ridge, is the wetlands, now known as Tinchi Tampa Wetlands.  I cannot recall what it was called way back then, but it was a rather primitive place where folk went to fish in the Pine River.  As we did.  I don't recall that we had a lot of success with the fishing there, but it was a pleasant place to visit, which we did on occasions, and the family enjoyed the outing.

I had not been there since, but as one drives over the Pine River on the M1, heading south, one can glance to the left and see that there have been some upgrading of the parklands.  Apparently, some time after we left the area and moved south, there was a plan to build a canal housing estate, which was not favoured by the locals and eventually the Brisbane City Council bought the land and has preserved it as a wetlands park.  Fishing decks, BBQ's, shelters, a boat ramp, and walking trails are some of the improvements.  It was a popular fishing spot for the local native peoples before white settlement, so there is a fair amount of history with it.

One visit I recall was with a nephew, who stayed with us for a few days way back in the 1980's, and while he was with us, he asked if he could be tested for his Cub's Fishing Badge.  He had all the details, which I read, and we headed off to the Pine River, where Tinchi Tampa Wetlands park now is.  The river had rocks along the edges and I can recall showing him how to catch a fish, and eventually we/he did catch one.  A tiny bream as I recall.    He wanted me to sign off on his badge for catching a legal fish.  I refused.  He was not happy - but there were several reasons I refused.  The fish was certainly too small to be legal, and I had helped him so much that I thought it was more like I had caught it.

Yesterday, when I visited Tinchi Tampa I recalled that event.  I wonder if he remembers?

I will return one day soon, and do the walks.  Yesterday I had several other items on my agenda for the day.  I do recommend the place - it would be a great place for family picnics.  Maybe a spot to go with the grandchildren in a couple of weeks.

There certain is a lot to see and do - suitable for all the family.  I was somewhat surprised (pleasantly) to see so many people from other nations.  I spoke with a young man from Nanjing in China, who has made Brisbane his home, and there were folk from UK and Papua New Guinea.

There is more information and a map here.

I look forward to visiting again, when I have more time to do the walks.